Grade Distribution Model

A bar graph diagram showing grade point averages from fall 2022 to spring 2023. It previews 7 languages with GPAs from both semester. On the horizontal axis it contains the language courses name and year associated with each semester. The vertical axis contains perectages of the GPA.

The Story

The graph presents seven language courses offered by Mary Washington College. The chart contains the average GPAs of each language class for the fall semester of 2022 and the spring semester of 2023. It is apparent that five out of the seven classes had a higher average GPA in the spring semester than in the fall, but Arabic and Chinese both had a higher GPA in the fall than in the spring.`

The Process

The data collected is from UMW’s Grade distribution page. The webpage contains a handful of years, but the one used in this chart was the undergraduate grades from fall 2022 to spring 2023. Once I downloaded the data, I used this document to create the graph. The document shows three different pages, two of which are heavily modified versions of the original, as I isolated the information of each class needed and distributed them onto a single page. Once isolated, I was able to convert the data into a pivot table. The pivot table values include the class name, year, and average GPA for the year. Once I created the table, I then converted the table into a bar graph, which nicely displays each class on the horizontal axis along with the years and the GPA percentages on the verticle axis. 

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