Introduction to HRMTG

HRMTG by Jack B. Wiese

Jack B Wiese is a personal friend I wish to support using my current platform. He is a small business owner and a current UMW student. Jack owns and operates HRMTG, JBWdesign, and his vintage clothing shop Back by Popular Demand. I acquired the information regarding Jack’s brand through his personal LinkedIn, The HRMTG Instagram, and knowledge from speaking with Jack himself.

The Creation of the Podcast

I created this short podcast using Soundtrap, a free digital audio workstation. Along with Soundtrap, I used a microphone attached to a headphones I owned. Soundtrap allowed me to record and edit a few sentences into chunks, allowing a smooth flow between audio files. I then used Soundtrap’s “Loops and One-shots” section to add an audio file called “Detroit- Bubble Pad Texture 01,” which I repeated throughout the entire podcast. I also used the automation within the section used for the music and lowered the pitch through the “pan” option, as it allowed my voice to be a bit louder than the music. 


Hermitage, or HRMTG, is a fashion brand founded in May of 2021 by the owner and creative director Jack B. Wiese. Hermitage is a unisex streetwear clothing brand that seeks to juxtapose fashion’s past with fashion’s present to create fashion’s future through transposing art onto contemporary garments. Jack B. Wiese’s designs are heavily influenced by the MET gala archives, most of which are free for commercial and non-commercial use.

 A few reasons you should support and/or purchase from this brand is that you will be aiding the small business run and owned by a student of UMW. Jack B Wiese currently attends UMW, and also runs his brand while attending in-person classes. Many of his clothing pieces are hand-crafted by Jack B Wiese himself, using his personal printing machines for his brand.

Secondly, Jack B Wiese also supports other independent streetwear owners seeking help to grow their skills through his Fashion Design Agency, JBWdesign. This Agency helps bring other owners’ ideas to life, offering help in manufacturing, design consultation, and tech pack creation.

Lastly, Jack B Wiese is a persistent donor to many organizations and fundraisers. Currently, 10% of all Hermitage pop-up and online sales for the remainder of 2023 will be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund or the PCRF. The PCRF is an organization that provides much-needed medical aid to children in the Middle East.

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