License and Attribution


I chose to use the copyright license CC BY-NC-SA or Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. This license allows others to build upon my work and redistribute it non-commercially or not for marketing or other sales purposes. One must also give attribution to the work published on this page. I wanted people to be able to use my work and build, question, and redefine as much as they see fit without it being used for some financial transaction.

The Sun

The images I chose relate to the sun, specifically, a very orange sun. I originally posted the picture of a nearby hill with a small farmhouse to the website as soon as I created it, so to follow along with the theme, I found a close-up image of the sun to use as the site logo.

A close-up image of the sun. The sun is dark orange and has small light yellow spots that are solar flares.
Image by WikiImages from Pixabay
An image of a hill with a small old farmhouse surrounded by trees. The picture was taken during sunset, and the sky is full of clouds and is yellow, orange, and light blue.
Image taken by Sierra deToll

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