Vectr and Canva website designs

A dotted star colored orange with red and green speckles on each point. There is a red radial gradient in which the star is in the middle of.
Image created by me

Why the star?

To go along with the sky theme of my project, I decided to use a star as its logo. Initially, I had hoped to find an image of a sun, but this star caught my attention. The color scheme of the photo also fits with the red and orange theme of my website.

The Process

I unfortunately ran into a lot of difficulties while making this image. I used the website to create my site icon. The tools were difficult to use as any slight movement of one part of the image could move the entire thing. For example, my star and radial gradient were two separate entities. Thus, when trying to move one, I would accidentally move another. I also found it annoying that the color of the radial gradient could only change the inside gradient and not the outer edges, as I would’ve liked a red-to-orange gradient rather than a black-to-orange gradient. The image was then exported as a PNG.

A sunset over a wooded lake area. The sunset is reflecting onto the lake as well as the clouds surrounding the sun. There is also some shrubbery and green trees surrounding the lake. In the top righthand corner, there are outlined words with the larger text saying, "SRD SPEAKS" and the smaller text saying, "thoughts and Ideas of the curious".
Image taken and edited by me

Why a sunset?

To go along with my sky-related theme on my website, I decided to use another picture taken locally. This image also contains my website’s title and a tagline that I have since removed from my website to showcase on this image.

The Process

I used my own personal image, so I had no problem finding something as a good background. The website I used was This website allowed me to create my own design using a custom-sized document. Canva also allowed me to import my own image, which I then cropped to fit the dimensions of the design. I then used the text font “ITC Magnific D” to create the text in the top left corner, which I then adjusted to the size of my liking. The image was then exported as a JPEG.

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