Who is SRD and why are they speaking?

SRD- My own initial, I’m speaking!

The idea of using my initials came to me in the middle of the night the day before class. I was feeling restless, which led me to overthinking about all of my classes, including this one. Thinking that I would officially have my very own website completely personalized to my standards was intimidating. While trying to come up with names, I was still deciding whether I should have my own website for anything but school. Thus, the idea of leaving my name out of it felt appealing. SRD are my initials. You should be aware of my first and last name, but for the sake of awareness, R stands for Rose, my middle name. The word “speaks” was purely because I will most likely use this website solely for blogging purposes. The “speaks” aspect could also be credited to one of my favorite childhood animations, Martha Speaks.

An Image of a yellow and brown animated dog sitting in the yard of a red and grey house. The yard contains a tree branch with a tire attached to a long rope. The image also contains text that reads "Martha Speaks."

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